1-6-2017 Submission of NL-BioImaging AM roadmap proposal to NWO

20-4-2017 4th National Steering Committee. Election new PMT NL-BioImaging AM: Gadella (Chair), Akhmanova, Tanke, Friedl, Houtsmuller and Meijering. Unaminous decision on new national investment plan for advanced microscopy. Inclusion of 6 national flagship nodes and data analysis program.

13-12-2016 Presentation of National Roadmap Large Scale Research Facilities 2016-2020 with NL-BioImaging AM included as independent cluster

4-10-2016 7th national stakeholdersmeeting Veldhoven @ FOM-ALW/biophysics/NvVM meeting

11-12-2015 NL-BioImaging update report sent to NWO by the board of the UvA

4-12-2015 Ratification of all 7 nodes proposed by NL-BioImaging AM as candidate nodes by the unanimous Euro-BioImaging Interim Board

26-11-2015 Unanimous approval of the roadmap update report by the National Steering Committee NL-BioImaging AM

29-9-2015 6th national stakeholdersmeeting Veldhoven @ FOM-ALW/biophysics/NvVM meeting

24-6-2015 national nomination of all 7 nodes proposed by NL-BioImaging AM by NWO & OCW as 1st generation Euro-BioImaging nodes for the Netherlands

18-6-2015 presentation of 7 Euro-BioImaging node nominations coordinated by NL-BioImaging AM at NWO, the Hague

13-1-2015 3rd National Steering Committee, new election PMT NL-BioImaging AM

Gadella (chair), Klumperman (vice chair), Akhmanova, Friedl, Tanke and Houtsmuller

30-9-2014 5th national stakeholdersmeeting Veldhoven @ FOM-ALW/biophysics/NvVM meeting

1-7-2014 Decision not to fund NL-BioImaging AM in roadmap despite 5x excellent score

4-2-2014 Sander Dekker signs MOU Euro-BioImaging on behalf of the Netherlands

1-10-2013 4th national stakeholdersmeeting Veldhoven @ FOM-ALW/biophysics/NVvM meeting

30-9-2013 Submission of NL-BioImaging AM roadmap update proposal

29-8-2013 2nd National Steering Committee, decisions on outline/finances NL- roadmap

30-4-2013 Coordinated Expression of Interest submission for Dutch microscopy Nodes for Euro-BioImaging

6-3-2013 NL-BioImaging AM Poster presentation at Horizon 2020/NWO Roadmap kickoff conference, Amsterdam University College

2-10-2012 3rd national stakeholders meeting: Veldhoven

  • Presentation of National Steering Committee (NSC)
  • Presentation of reports from innovative node leaders
  • Explanation link to DTL
  • Presentation of Microscopy Valley STW approved grant (6 M€) for CLEM technology development by Hans Gerritsen

11-4-2012 Assembly & Installation of National Steering Committee: Amsterdam

  • Election of national innovative node leaders
  • Decision that PMT remains as is until/including next roadmap call

23-3-2012 NL-BioImaging AM approved by NWO for National Roadmap, no funding (yet)

11-1-2012 Roadmap committee interview: Utrecht

4-10-2011 2nd national stakeholders meeting: Veldhoven

  • Submitted proposal is discussed
  • Participants declare to support the application
  • Outlined governance model is adopted.
  • Mandate for PMT is reconfirmed.
  • Directions to go ahead.

31-8-2011 Proposal submitted: 18 partner centres 

22-6-2011 1st national stakeholdersmeeting:  Amsterdam

•Gadella, Klumperman, Akhmanova, Tanke & Jalink (PMT) get mandate on behalf of assembled stakeholders to write a proposal for the NWO roadmap connected to Euro-BioImaging