Innovative node: High Content, High Throughput Imaging

Bob van de WaterNode leader:   prof. Bob van de Water

Division of Toxicology, Leiden Academic Center for   Drug research, Cell Observatory, Faculty of Science, Leiden University

Expertise:   high content high-end live cell microscopy,  RNAi and compound screens, cancer, cell death

Prominent activities in the Netherlands:

– Dr. Roderick Beijersbergen, Division of Molecular Carcinogenesis, Netherlands Cancer Institute; RNAi screening, shRNA libraries, cancer
– Dr. David Egan, Screening Center, Dept. Cell Biology, UMC Utrecht;  RNAi and compound screening, fixed assays, cancer
– Dr. Heutink, Drug Screening and Therapy Design, Neuroscience Campus Amsterdam, Free University; RNAi screens, neurobiology